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Nuestra granja modelo HoCoTec sirve como centro de demostración para nuestros Aliados Selectos. Por ello ponemos nuestra infraestructura de vanguardia a su disposición, para que usted como Aliado Selecto, tenga mayor exposición de marca en condiciones reales de producción y mediante visitas programadas con sus clientes pueda mostrar las bondades de sus productos.

Exclusive Partner

Founded in 1929, Nedap is a technology company with knowledge of people. Technology that makes people more productive and organizations more efficient. We help companies to better exploit the talent and potential of their employees. With 7 business units, 11 offices worldwide and more than 750 highly specialized employees in creating the most innovative technologies applicable to daily life. Global leader in agriculture automation and world pioneer in the development of RFID (radio frequency identification) technology for individualized animal identification since the early 1970s. Productive efficiency, animal welfare and traceability are some of the main vectors of the technologies developed by Nedap’s livestock management division. With the aim of satisfying the current and future demand of producers and consumers of accessible information in the food production chain.

Nedap Farrowing Feeding with Wireless Activator

Optimization of feeding strategies during labor and lactation.

Nedap developed Nedap Farrowing Feeding to automate the diet supply in multiple servings throughout the day and night to stimulate increased food intake, helping primiparous and multiparous females to produce enough milk for a robust litter. Accuracy in the insemination boxes. The Nedap Farrowing Feedig can be used in an insemination box to provide precise diets in the transition process after weaning. Excellent for making the famous flushing. Feed and control the sows individually in each of the phases.

The main advantages:

  • Improved food consumption pattern by providing small servings at regular intervals
  • Larger piglets (up to 0.75 kg) at weaning as a result of increased milk production
  • Reduced labor time and costs, saving up to $ 27 per sow / year
  • Simpler feed supply in multiple locations, maximizing efficiency
  • Improvement in the physical state of the breeding population, for a recovery after the partition and recreates faster
  • Reduction of food waste through individual and automated feeding.
  • Nedap activator is easy to install and requires no cables
  • Available for any type of farm

Nedap ProSense

Collection of individual pig performance data, accurately and efficiently for genetic and nutritional improvement.

Nedap ProSense (Pig Performance Testing – PPT) is the technology that allows the automated collection of data on food consumption and real weight in commercial conditions. The system reliably measures and records pig performance indicators, including individual weights, feed intake, and feed conversion rate. The provided data is immediately available for review and has a unique feature that allows you to classify individual animals and groups based on daily performance. Nedap Pig Performance Testing may collect data for feeding tests, genetic selection, or in-depth nutritional research for food formulation. You can use the data to review food quality or investigate the effects of different food compositions.

Nedap ProSense has two parts: a feeder to measure food intake and a scale that can be adjusted to the size of the animal. It can feed up to 15 pigs at the same time. You can access and manage the software dashboard from anywhere, anytime to get information.

The main benefits are:

  • safe and accurate recording of individual feed intake and animal weight
  • classification of animals by zootechnical performance
  • infinitely less manpower in continuous data collection
  • easy operation with simple and dynamic system
  • quality assurance of the data collected

Nedap SowSense

Maximize herd performance and save time, labor, and costs. Improve profitability.

Nedap’s Electronic Feeding system provides maximum productivity, best traceability and animal welfare. Aiming to meet the current and future demand of producers and consumers for reliable and accessible information in the food production chain, the PigSense Concept performs an uninterrupted (24/7) collection of animal activities, providing accurate information on time real. A perfect combination of software and hardware allows animals to live in groups, providing great comfort and well-being for animals and employees.

Regarding the specific solicitation for 2 types of food, the main advantages of Nedap offers are:

  • Electronic feeding process with high precision and without competition between animals.
  • Individual management of each animal 24 hours. Make sure that each sow receives the necessary food and care
  • Stress-free gestation groups without competition for food, providing effective animal welfare.
  • Automated weight control in real time
  • Ease in the control and maintenance of the power stations due to fewer electronics and low voltage
  • 24/7 individualized management of each female
  • Heat detection with 99% assertiveness
  • Automated separation of animals that require special attention
  • Collective gestation without stress effectively providing animal welfare