Aliado Selecto

Nuestra granja modelo HoCoTec sirve como centro de demostración para nuestros Aliados Selectos. Por ello ponemos nuestra infraestructura de vanguardia a su disposición, para que usted como Aliado Selecto, tenga mayor exposición de marca en condiciones reales de producción y mediante visitas programadas con sus clientes pueda mostrar las bondades de sus productos.

Exclusive Partner

Hotraco America Latina is part of the Hotraco Group in the Netherlands. we specialize in providing solutions for the pig industry when it comes to ventilation, feed, and water. We are capable of controlling different types of ventilation and its combinations, and we are capable of controlling feed delivery systems. Our management software is capable
of providing the producer highly detailed information about their pig houses so they can make positive decisions that will impact their product.

Thomas CL

Thomas CL is our controller that monitors the climate inside the house and makes decisions to adjust the ventilation based on temperature, humidity, negative pressure, carbon dioxide, and ammonia. Based on these variables, the computer will control and adjust the fans and inlets to make sure that the animals are as comfortable as possible. This translates to better feed conversion and less diseases. The Thomas CL is capable fo combining types of ventilation. Our management software will deliver graphs of information of the sensors inside the house so the producer can make decisions that will aid them grow and provide a better product.

Thomas Multifeed

Thomas Multifeed is the controller that supplies the feed to the animals in a very precise way. It can control up to 30 silos and combine them as needed by the producer. It will provide the exact amount of feed needed for every circuit and for every stage of the production process. That is, it will deliver the feed for sows, for piglets, and fatteners separately and the exact amount stipulated by the farmer.

Cygnus Curtain Control

This Cygnus controller is specially designed to control curtains in the pig farm. It will lower them or raise them based on temperature sensors. This can provide peace of mind to the farmer since the Cygnus will control them at any moment and based on the temperature of the animal and not based on human perception.